Please find below a list of dates for the Year 11 December Mock Examinations 2020. All exams will take place in the Sports Barn except for Music – Listening which will be in 122.

In addition to this, we have collated an overview of key assessment events and dates for Year 11 so that learners and their parents or carers have an overview of what to expect for the Autumn term. This was posted home with interim reports but a copy can be downloaded from the link below.

Monday 14th December  9.10am   Mathematics (non-calculator)2hr  
Monday 14th December1.00pmGeography1hr 30min
Tuesday 15th December    9.10amEnglish2hr
Tuesday 15th December1.00pmHistory
Physical Education
Information Technology
Music (listening)
1hr 30min
Wednesday 16th December9.10am   Science   2hr
Wednesday 16th December1.00pmConstruction
1hr 30min
Thursday 17th December9.10am   Welsh   2hr  
Thursday 17th December1.00pmChild Development
1hr 30min
Friday 18th December      9.10am      Mathematics (calculator)   2hr  
Friday 18th December1.00pmReligious Studies
Science (triple paper)
1hr 30min