Mountain Ash Comprehensive School has a longstanding reputation for its excellent standards in providing a caring and supportive environment for all pupils. The school takes great pride in the extensive range of interventions it offers pupils with Additional Learning Needs

We have a strong committed team who are trained in a variety of specialist programmes which support literacy, numeracy and social communication skills. We aim to ensure all our pupils realise their full potential and encourage parents, governors and colleagues from outside agencies to co-operate with us to achieve this.

If you have an queries, concerns or would like further information then please contact Miss C Hopla (ALNCo) on 01443 479199.


The ALNCo visits all our primary feeders in the summer term to liaise with staff and meet pupils with Additional Learning Needs. All pupils are tested using standardised reading and spelling tests, to ensure the appropriate intervention programme is delivered to identified pupils. Liaison with our primary staff ensures pupils individual additional learning needs are documented and considered, to ensure a smooth transition for all pupils.


A dedicated team of Learning Support Assistants provide both in-class support and withdrawal interventions. Our withdrawal intervention programmes range from individual intensive daily literacy support to improve reading and spelling, to small group provision for the development of both literacy and numeracy skills. We also offer support in developing social/emotional skills, providing identified pupils with a designated and supported area they can access before school, break times and lunch.


Supporting pupils with Additional Learning Needs requires a whole school approach. The ALNCo  ensures staff are well informed of pupils needs, provides in house training, coordinates training from external bodies and updates information on areas such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ASD and ADHD.