The purpose of the PDG is to improve outcomes for learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM) and Looked After Children (LAC). It is intended to overcome the additional barriers that prevent learners from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their full potential. Successful schools plan interventions that focus on improving the attainment of children from deprived backgrounds, specifically those who are eFSM. They are clear in what they expect from an intervention, they monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of it. Successful schools integrate their plans for using the PDG into their school development plan (SDP), drawing on best practice, well-evidenced interventions and as part of a whole-school strategy.

While the PDG must be used to support eFSM and LAC learners, the grant does not have to be tracked to those learners. Only eFSM and LAC learners may receive PDG-funded support from individualised programmes such as tailored and bespoke interventions, but the grant may also be used for whole-school strategies that in-turn disproportionately benefit eFSM and LAC learners.

The most recent PDG spending overview for the school can be downloaded below:


All schools are due to receive a grant from Welsh Government in order to support the professional learning of staff. In order to access this grant schools are required to devise and publish a costed action plan.

The most recent PLG spending overview for the school can be downloaded below: