You do not need formal qualifications but you do need an interest in young people and teaching and learning, common sense, objectivity, an open mind and a willingness to learn.

There will be a significant commitment of time.

Each Governing Body must meet at least once a term (many meet twice a term) and in addition to this you will be on one or more sub-committees. There will also be school events to which Governors are invited as well as an expectation that you familiarise yourself with what goes on in school and that you undertake training in order to fulfil your role effectively.

Governors are part of a team, that is responsible for everything the school does and acts as a link between parents, the local community and school. A Governor is someone who is a supporter of their school but who is also able to cast a critical eye on how the school works and the standards it achieves.


Governors work with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that schools provide successful teaching and learning for young people and that the school is always striving to improve.

Governors are expected to:

  • Agree the aims and values of the school
  • Agree policies relating to the National Curriculum, Additional Learning Needs, discipline and attendance, sex education, daily acts of collective worship, the length of the school day, use of premises out of hours, charging for school activities, health and safety, and staff pay
  • Influence and approve the School Development Plan
  • Monitor the expenditure of the school budget
  • Monitor standards
  • Ensure individual pupils’ needs are met including special educational needs
  • Recruit and select staff
  • Provide information about the school for parents
  • Produce action plans for improvement following a school inspection
  • Establish and maintain positive links with the local business community
  • Support the day to day operational decisions of the Headteacher

You will be expected to serve on one or more sub-committees e.g. curriculum, finance, personnel, premises, pupil discipline, complaints.

Remember, you will be part of a team, the role is very demanding but you will not be alone and you should receive support from your fellow Governors and the Headteacher of the school.

The Local Education Authority provides training for all new and experienced Governors on a variety of areas of Governors’ work as well as a support helpline in the School and Governor Unit at RCT. If you require further information or have any queries, please call Mr G Higgins, Clerk to the Governors, on 01443 479199.


The composition of the Governing Body is determined by the number of pupils on roll.  In the case of Mountain Ash Comprehensive School, this is at present in the band 600+ pupils.

LEA Governors

  • Mrs P Jarman (Chair)
  • Mr D Allen 
  • Mr H Milton
  • Mrs H O’Sullivan
  • Mrs A Carter

Parent Governors

  • Mrs C O’Brien
  • Mrs L Jervis
  • Mr I Murphy
  • Mrs T Beauchamp 
  • [Vacancy]
  • [Vacancy]

Community Governors

  • Mr C Brooks             
  • Mr G Taylor
  • Mr G Newton
  • Mr A Flaherty
  • Mr G Thomas

Teacher Governors

  • Miss R Jones
  • [Vacancy]

Support Staff Governor

  • Miss K Simonov

Headteacher Governor (Ex officio)

  • Mrs S Evans