The Food Department at MACS provides a hands-on approach to food preparation, safety and nutrition.  We promote positive messages about healthy eating and believe school is an ideal place to encourage good choices in food.  The Department plays a leading role in promoting a whole school approach to food and fitness.

The Food Department use their knowledge and experience to stimulate and support pupils of all ages and abilities.  We offer a range of studies, including vocational courses, which attract a wide number of learners that prepares them well for life skills and the world of work.


Year 7 follow a starter-skills module to prepare for design tasks which develops skills in teamwork and communication, use of equipment, weighing and measuring. During the module students will complete tasks on their own eating patterns and develop an understanding of the importance of a Healthy Diet. The focus then for all Key Stage 3 projects becomes:

  • Exploring and developing design ideas
  • Making and evaluating food products 

Examples in Year 7 include an innovative sandwich linked to healthy eating, a rice/pasta bowl using the Eat Well Plate as a resource, and a fruit salad – taking appearance, flavour and texture into consideration. Pupil’s will also make cakes and work out the cost of making these.

Following this and in the following year, pupils move on to baking, developing sills in various methods of making and the importance of accurate weighing and measuring. Pupils then design a celebration cake which incorporates all skills developed during the module and consolidates the design process. Incorporated into all these modules is teaching and raising student awareness of the importance of health, safety and hygiene in food preparation.  Further examples across the course include Pasta Bolognese, Chicken Curry and Hunter’s Chicken.

Pupils are assessed on a variety of tasks to meet the National Curriculum programs of study. Tasks include practical and written tasks. Pupils are made aware at the start of the module of what they are being assessed on and have the opportunity to assess their own work.


Budding Chefs can opt for a GCSE course which introduces them to the World of Hospitality and Catering. The course is suitable for all abilities; the only request is an interest in Food and a willingness to try many new ingredients and recipes. The course is taught through developing practical skills using a wide range of ingredients, various culinary skills and cooking methods.

During the course learners will gain knowledge of the Hospitality Industry, Food Safety and Nutrition. learners will have the opportunity to visit a range of different catering establishments and gain an insight on how they operate. Pupils have to complete two pieces of controlled assessment which include written case studies and practical outcomes. Both pieces of assessment have to be completed under timed and controlled conditions.