Thank you to all parents, carers and families (and of course, pupils!) who attended the Options Evening for Year 8 yesterday. Uploaded below are all relevant presentation files and documents you will need to complete the next steps in this process. It also provides an overview if you were unable to attend.

Documents and files included – these can be viewed on screen below and also downloaded (a link to each file is under the viewing box):

  1. Presentation to Parents February 2023 – This includes all slides shared at the evening and very importantly it has a link to the online options form that pupils must complete and submit by Friday March 3rd with their initial choices. The Online form is also available here:
  2. Year 8 Options Booklet 2023 – This booklet has an overview of all subjects we offer and will tell pupils a bit more about them to support choices being made.
  3. Key Stage 4 Options Sept 23-24 MK1 form download link – This form can be printed at home if you have difficulties using the online Options form at the link given above. However please note the online form is the preferred route and you should aim to use this if possible.