During March we will be running a second series of mock exams for our Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils and also a first series for Year 10 pupils. Years 10 and 11 will be sitting core subject mocks, and the Sixth Form will complete mocks in the range of subjects they attend at MACS. This is a very important opportunity to experience an exam room setting and to become more familiar and comfortable with how exams will run in the summer. It also is crucial in giving pupils time to practise their knowledge and understanding in subject areas, and to that end it is very important they make every effort to dedicate time to thorough revision at home.

The timetable overview for the week can be viewed below (a link to download a copy is at the end of the page). It has been shared with form tutors in school and class teachers are also aware of the specific dates. The actual times of day and venues within the building are organised separately and will be communicated to pupils in school.

All pupils should attend school every day and for all lessons that week – they should not be going home before or after mock exams (it is still a ‘normal’ school week).