Dear Parents/Guardians


Over the last two years we have all lived through times that we never anticipated would happen and which have led to significant changes to our daily lives and routines. All of us at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School are extremely grateful for your co-operation, patience and understanding in helping us deal with the challenges that we have faced.

We feel that we are now able to return to a more normal school life, which we believe is important for learners and staff alike.

Not surprisingly, we have noticed that some learners are finding it difficult to return to the structures and disciplines that we need for good learning. As a result, we need to return to basic good behaviours that allow our teachers to teach and our learners to learn.

Our guiding rules of ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’ are clear and simple.

If learners:-

  • are not prepared to be ready to learn and choose to disrupt other learners
  • are not respectful to staff or other learners
  • behave in a manner which impacts upon the safety of themselves, other learners and/or staff

We are therefore asking for your support in reinforcing this message to your child/ children and your understanding that we will be rigorously applying our rules in respect of uniform, class management and corridor behaviour.

It is important that all of our learners understand that there are rewards for good behaviour and consequences to poor behaviour and that our rules are in place for the good of the whole school community.

Good behaviour needs to become a habit once more, to enable all of our learners to maximise their potential and enjoy the learning experiences that we aim to provide at MACS.

I thank you all, in anticipation of your support.

Yours faithfully,

S J Evans