Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),

         Re: Staggered breaks and lunches

I am pleased to report that we have had a very good start to the new school year and that the vast majority of our learners have been able to return to school as normal. 

I wrote to you recently outlining some of the additional measures that we introduced for the start of the term as an extra precaution and as I am sure you would expect, we are keeping these under regular review. We are able to adjust these measures at a local level and I am pleased to report that we are going to return to a normal break and lunchtime as of tomorrow (Tuesday 18th January). This is a proportionate change in the light of low numbers of cases at school and the improving national picture. 

Other measures such as designated entrances, one-way systems (where possible) and good hygiene measures such as regular hand-washing and the use of face-coverings remain. 

We will continue to review our risk assessment regularly and respond dynamically to our local circumstances. This could mean removing or re-instating measures as necessary.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully,

S J Evans