Dear Parents/carers,

I am pleased to inform you that the Governing Body met this morning and with the support of the Local Authority and Public Health Wales, we will re-open the school to all year groups from Monday 9th November.  I can confirm that nearly all staff are fit and well to return to school and we are looking forward to welcoming our learners back into school.

I wish to thank all parents and carers for your support and patience as the children have worked from home over this last week. We have been very grateful for the many supportive comments received by the school at this time.

Can I reassure you that during the last week, school has been deep cleaned ahead of our re-opening on Monday.

In addition, the Local Authority’s Health and Safety team undertook a full review of the measures that we have in place on site and our Risk Assessment.  As previously shared, they confirmed that the school is “taking reasonable measures to manage the risk of Coronavirus” and that “a number of specific actions that have been taken in addition to the general controls, demonstrated both a good understanding of the risks and the ability to reduce the risks as far as reasonably practical”. The report noted the following procedures are in place, in line with Welsh Government guidance to schools, to maintain the safety of our pupils:

  • Staggered start and finish times;
  • Staggered break and lunch times;
  • Pupils are kept in ‘bubbles’ of year groups or half year groups;
  • Pupils remain in classrooms as much as possible with the staff moving around the school;
  • Where pupils do need to move around the school, there are dedicated entrances and corridors for year groups;
  • Facilities for washing / sanitising hands are readily available around the school – and at key points, for example entrances / exits, toilets, canteens etc.;
  • Ventilation around the school has been improved by opening windows;
  • Staff and pupils wear face coverings when moving around school and where 2m social distancing is unlikely to be maintained;
  • Canteens are appropriately segregated to maintain social distancing between bubbles;
  • Cleaning arrangements have been enhanced with regular / frequent cleaning of touch points etc.;
  • Pedal bins available in each classroom;
  • One way systems are in place around the school.

As the pupils return to school, we would ask that you support us by reminding them of key safety measures:

  • If they travel to school on school or public transport, they must wear a face covering for the duration of these journeys.
  • On the school site, they should continue to wear a face covering indoors in communal areas such as corridors and canteens.
  • Continue to use hand sanitisers when entering the school buildings and classrooms and ensure good hand hygiene throughout the day.
  • If your child/children develop any Covid symptoms, please keep them at home and arrange for them to have a test. They should remain at home whilst awaiting the test result and should only return to school if they receive a negative result.
  • When they are not in school stay safe by maintaining social distancing, continuing to sanitise their hands regularly and by avoiding mixing indoors with other households.

We have worked together superbly well to date and this continued partnership will be important over the winter months to come.

Once again, we look forward to welcoming all children back to school on Monday and to continuing to support them in their learning.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. S Evans