Year 9 visit Big Pit, Blaenavon November 23rd 2016

A group of over 46 Year 9 pupils and staff visited the National Coal Museum at Big Pit, Blaenavon on 23rd November 2016. The group toured underground to see the tunnels and workings of the former mine that closed in 1980. Many of those who were present were taken aback at how difficult and dangerous it was to work in such conditions.  It was quite cold and damp in parts of the mine and the bleak November weather that wet Wednesday further showed how harsh life was for our forefathers during the days of ‘King Coal’.

Big Pit outside

The group also visited the ‘Pit Head Baths’ display area to learn about mining in the 19th century. They also saw the ‘Mining Galleries’ section where an audio-visual display, complete with working models of mining machines and mock ups of working coalfaces demonstrated how miners blasted and cut coal in the second half of the 20th century.

Big Pit Pupils

Big Pit Pupils Ready to go Underground