Year 9 MACS Pupils to award £1500 to Local Charities

MACS is proud to announce a very exciting opportunity for our pupils and local charities! Our Y9 pupils will shortly be working with ‘First Give’ to award three local charities prizes of £1000 and two prizes of £250.

Our pupils will be following a set curriculum during their Religious Studies lessons over two months. Over eight lessons, the programme encourages Y9 pupils to identify social issues in their area and engage with local charities that address them. The pupils will then have the opportunity to compete for £1,500 of grant money. Teams will do this by advocating for their charity in a school competition.

The programme promotes many aspects of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education within secondary schools. First Give will also deliver an Assembly and host the School Final in order to further engage and inspire students.

Not only will three local charities benefit through this, but the pupils will also benefit by improving their social conscience; developing key skills such as research, leadership, public speaking and teamwork.

Local charities will further benefit by growing their commitment to engage with young people for the good of the sector as a whole.

If you are a local charity and would like to work with us to win funding from our pupils, please get in touvh with Mr Church at school via letter, email or telephone.