Return to school Update for Parents

Dear Parents/ Carers


We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back to Mountain Ash Comprehensive School from Monday 29th June.

In order to effectively prepare for the return, may I respectfully remind you that we are operating staggered start and finish times each day in order to manage the entry and exit of pupils as follows:-


•Pupils arriving by buses up to 8:45a.m.

•Pupils arriving by car between 8:45-9.00a.m.

•Pupils arriving on foot / bike 9.00-9.15a.m.


The school day will finish at 2.30p.m.

•Pupils being collected by car: 2p.m.

•Pupils walking: 2.10p.m.

•Pupils on buses: 2.20p.m


May I please remind you that the pedestrian access at the back of the school will not be open.

One of the first activities that your child will undertake when they return is a Health and Safety Pupil Induction. The Induction powerpoint is attached for your information. You may wish to go through this with your child before they return, especially if they are feeling anxious about the changes to the school environment.

The children will also 'walk through' the one-way system in their 'Colour Bubble' and will be shown where their designated toilets are. They will also visit the Fire Yard where they will be shown where their class will need to line up in the event of the fire alarm going off.

We have also attached the Pupil Charter which outline the changes to the school's Positive Behaviour Policy and which your child will be asked to sign to show that they understand the new rules and understand

that these are in place to keep everyone safe.

We hope that this information, together with the Guidance for Parents document that was issued on June 19th will help your child feel confident and happy to return to school.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support and patience in these very challenging times.

Take care and stay safe.


Yours faithfully

Mrs S.J.Evans



Induction PowerPoint

Pupil Charter