GCSE English Language - Year 10

As you know, all summer exams were cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your son/daughter was due to sit the English Language GCSE in this exam period.


I can confirm that your son/daughter will be awarded a teacher-assessed grade in August, just like those in years 11 and 13.


Whilst the department have worked together diligently to award the grades using all schoolwork and mocks as evidence, this is subject to WJEC’s final judgement.


If your son/daughter would like to sit the exams in the next academic year, there will be opportunities available, should they wish to improve their grade.


We hope that you find this information reassuring that all of the hard work from this year will not go to waste.


Over the next academic year your son/daughter will complete their English Literature GCSE. We will start by studying Of Mice and Men which is part of the Unit 1 exam. This work will commence during the Check In, Catch Up and Prepare opportunities at school over the next couple of weeks. Those who have decided to continue remote learning will have the same resources shared via Google Classroom.


If you have any queries or would like to contact me further about the above information, then please email me at Joanne.Houghton@macs.uk.net


Yours faithfully,


Mrs J Houghton

Director of English