“Awesome day at Mountain Ash School. Great to meet so many of you guys. It was my pleasure. Hope I can come back one day!” Daniel Cutting

Daniel Cutting and Neymar  and with Daniel in action

On Wednesday 09th May, MACS had a visit from the legendary professional football freestyler. Our pupils were beyond excited during this magical day! Daniel has over 1.6 million followers across his social media platforms. His client list includes FIFA, UEFA, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BMW, Sky, BBC, Adidas and Puma amongst others. Daniel has travelled the world to over twenty countries and has worked with many sporting icons. He has recently worked with Anthony Joshua, Harry Kane, Neymar and Theo Walcott. He has also ‘body doubled’ for David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Real Madrid star Kaka amongst others!

Daniel shares his Christian faith in the Y8 Assembly!

Starting the day off, Daniel gave an assembly to year eight. He treated the pupils and staff to some of his unique footballing skills and showcased some of his world records. It was truly mesmerizing! He also talked about his Christian faith, his lifestyle, travelling the world and how he has worked with some of his football heroes. A few of the pupils were invited to try some of Daniel's skills. The assembly even featured a PE teacher challenge with Daniel!


Kian volunteered to try one of Daniel’s tricks!

Mr. Badman wins the ‘PE Teacher Challenge’ although Mr. Richards emulated a trick!

After the assembly, Daniel spent two hours with year eight boys practicing football and fitness skills. This was part of the pupils’ health and wellbeing day.

Daniel undertaking football skills workshops with Y8 boys!

At break-time, hundreds of pupils descended upon the football pitch to see Daniel perform more of his skills. A number of lucky pupils were invited to face him ‘one on one’. Daniel has posted a clip on his Instagram account which has already amassed over 41,000 views in just a couple of days! After signing hundreds of autographs and taking just as many pictures, Daniel then had a well-earned rest before joining us in the Religious Studies department.

Daniel posted this backflip trick on his Instagram page, amassing 41K views in just a couple of days!

Daniel takes on Diego, Y7!

Autograph and selfie time with DC Freestyle!

The Y10 Religious Studies GCSE class had prepared a number of questions that they wanted to ask Daniel about his faith, his lifestyle, his football and his work. After sharing his testimony with our pupils, he undertook a lengthy Q & A session answering some very deep theological and philosophical questions, as well as telling the pupils about his wedding day!

Daniel takes all manner of theological and philosophical questions from Y10 pupils with good humour!

Reflecting on her RS lesson with Daniel, Courtney Coleman Y10 commented:

“I found your Q & A session with us really inspiring! I’m a huge sports fan and I didn’t realize that so many people in sport were religious. This was one of the best experiences that we have ever had at school! I was really inspired and I’m doing some more research on football, faith and religion.”

Niamh Weeks Y10 also commented:

“It was such an amazing experience for both staff and pupils. We have never had something like this at our school before and all of us appreciated it so much! Our Religious Studies lesson with you was so interesting and we would love to have you back again!”

Alex, Abi, Macie, Daniel, Gina, Tygan and Niamh in Religious Studies!

Daniel rounded off his day with us by signing another fifty photographs, a few footballs and filmed a special video ‘get well’ message for one of our pupils who couldn’t be with us.

Reflecting on Daniel’s visit to MACS, pupils commented:

“It provided us with a great opportunity that no other school would have. Thank you so much!” Arwen Bradwick Y8

“The awesome assembly with Daniel Cutting was amazing. When he showed us what world records he achieved, it was unbelievable!” Sophie Webber Y8

“It was really fun and interactive. It was amazing to see his tricks and listen to his stories about everything he has accomplished. It was also fun to try and learn his tricks and improve my own football skills.” Joshua Wakefield Y8

“I can’t believe he’s here! I watch him on YouTube all the time.” Owen Llewellyn Y11

On Daniel Cuttings Instagram account, pupils and parents commented:

“Thanks for coming in. You were honestly amazing! My brother was screaming when I gave him your autograph!” Sophie Roberts

“Thanks so much, I’m such a big fan of yours!” Callum Joseph Sheppard

“It was so class having you in today!” Jack Palmer Y9

“This has made my sons day. Forever watching videos of you and couldn’t wait for today. Brilliant!” Gareth Kingsley

Mr. Church, Daniel and Miss. Summers endorsing the Y9 ‘First Give’ Charity Programme!

Mr. Church (Head of Religious Studies) commented:

“After nine months of initially making contact with Daniel, we finally had him to come and visit us at MACS for an RS/PE unique day! It was a privilege and an honour to have a true sporting gentleman spend four hours with us. The huge smiles on the pupils’ faces said it all! May 09th will go down as a legendary day at our school, which will be cherished by many for years to come! I have to say a huge personal thankyou to Daniel for making sure that every single pupil had the opportunity to have his autograph and a picture with him, as well as helping me out with a few very special requests. Daniel has responded to pupils comments on social media in the days since, which has made them even more delirious! Some of our pupils have been cheering at their replies! We will definitely try to get him back again next year. Watch this space!”

Tables full of ‘requests’ for Daniel to sign!

Mr. Church would like to say a huge thank you to Jesse, Kieron, Joseph, Kieron and Evan for filming the day and taking over 1,000 photographs! They shared some banter with Daniel throughout the day and were rewarded with some signed and framed photographs!