Ambassadors to Auschwitz

Since 2008, the RS Department has selected two Y13 pupils every year as ‘Ambassadors to Auschwitz’. This is part of the Holocaust Educational Trusts ‘Lessons from Auschwitz Program’. We have been successful in our application again this year. Our MACS ‘Ambassadors’ for 2017 will be Connor Hughes and Danielle Evans from Y13.

The program includes an orientation seminar in Cardiff where our pupils will hear the testimony of a Holocaust Survivor. The pupils will then visit Poland on Wednesday 15th February where they will be led around the concentration camp by Rabbi Barry Marcus of the Central London Jewish Reform Synagogue. Our pupils will take part in a memorial service at Auschwitz, where they will lay candles of hope on the train tracks that transported so many to their inevitable deaths.

Ambassadors to Auschwitz

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to visit such a historically significant place, and pay my respects to the millions who lived and died in such a dark period in history."

Our pupils will also attend a follow-up seminar in Cardiff where they will discuss how they can share the lessons of the Holocaust with their peers in MACS. The students will be giving presentations regarding their visit to selected RS and History groups as well as shorter versions of this in year group assemblies. This will further support the ‘Rights Respecting Others’ work that has already been undertaken by our younger pupils this year.

Occasionally, teacher places to accompany our pupils can also be secured. Mr. White joined our  pupils a few years ago and Miss. Summers is hoping to do so this year. If any staff would be interested in this possible opportunity for next year, please see Mr. Church for further details.