Online Payments

I am pleased to announce that you will now be able to pay your child's dinner money on-line.

This link will take you to an area of the local authority's website where you will find a user guide and a list of frequently asked questions to make theprocess as straightforward as possible.

Please be advised that neither the school nor the Council will hold any personal payment details once you have made your payment.

After you have transferred the funds they will automatically be credited to your child's school meals account as if you had paid by cash or cheque.

You will still be able to pay via cash or cheque as at present.

The new system offers the following benefits:

  • No more looking for change to give your child
  • Ensures that the money is spent on school meals as intended
  • Reduces the risk associated with your child carrying cash to school such as loss, theft or bullying
  • Enables the school to work more efficiently thereby improving the ability of the school to focus on improving the delivery of education to pupils.

Those pupils entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) will automatically have their account credited with the daily meal allowance.